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Nina in a new musical

Make sure you do not miss out on "I Ljus och Mörker" (The Light and Darkness), a visual, modern and contemporary musical about a young woman's struggle against evil in the world, with everything from traditional witch trials to ditto on today's social media! 

Nina plays the role of Cecilia, a very evil, boundless and nasty creature who gives ruthless judgments to those who disobey. "It's an incredible fun challenge and I love every minute!" Says Nina, laughing. 

Music by Marcos Ciscar and Benny Andersson, among others. 

Opened on October 10 in Iggesund.

For more information and trailer video:



Nina Söderquist - Welcome to Somco Production

We’re ever so proud to have signed Nina Söderquist as our new artist – a broad entartainer.

She sings rock like a Godess and when she has entered the thatre- and musical-stages, she knocks the audience out with her voice as well. Nina have co-written a lot of songs for her fortcoming album, a rockcd. The first singel will be released in oktober.

You can follow her on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nina.soderquist
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ninasoderquist
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ninasoderquist